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I finally watched the last four episodes of Smallville. They didn't do much for me, although the last was a good sendoff for Lex, given how inconsistently they've treated his (and all the) character(s). Despite his narcissism, he was willing to give his life to achieve his supposed destiny of saving the world from the alien menace. Sure they had to discount the subtext, but I didn't really expect anything else.

When the movie Serenity came out, I noted the differences between the movie and the series and the changes Joss made to fit a complete story into 2 hours. I wondered what it would be like if they did that to Smallville. Within the space of a movie, they would have to focus on the main characters and their journey and pay attention to continuity, both of plot and character motivation, something sorely missing in this series. Perhaps someday, someone will make this movie. Maybe it will even be at a time when they won't have to hide the subtext.

So Battlestar Galactica is almost over. How long until we get the rest of this season?
If four of the final five are with five with the fleet, does that mean the fifth is on the base star? Assuming it's someone we know, that means, Roslin, Helo, or Baltar. My money is on Roslin, with Deanna's joke about her not knowing she is a cylon being a test to see if Roslin herself knew.
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